Apex MMA

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Filip Cicek is 29 years old and a martial artist from Croatia. His martial arts journey began when he was 5 and his father took him to his first karate class. By the age of 17 he competed in over 100 kickboxing, karate, kyokushin and jet-kun-do fights. At the age of 19 he opened his own muay thai gym which later became an MMA gym and has been coaching people since then. When he was 25 he started practicing MMA, and at age 26 he became Croatian amateur MMA champion. Plagued by injuries Filip was unable to compete professionally but has instead steered his path towards coaching career. 

Filip also possesses a MA degree in Sociology, specializing in group dynamics and education but his scientific interest recently shifted to social aspects of mental illness.  He has worked over 4 years as a researcher and has published scientific publications. Besides martial arts and Sociology. Filip loves dogs, music and reading, usually all at the same time.